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Deconstruction Fashion

Deconstruction fashion isn't an entirely new concept. It was first seen in the 1970's for a brief period, then again in the 80's. Remember the "inside-out" trend on casual shirts and tees? Well it's back in a much more profound way in the form of architecturally structured garments that are meant to appear slightly "off".

You may have already seen some examples of this curious trend on the racks of your favorite boutiques. You will definitely notice them because they defy all traditional rules of dress.

Let me explain.

Jeans that typically covered every part of the legs (and behind), now have large gaping holes and tears in conspicuous places. (You've already seen them and most likely worn them.)

Shirts that previously covered the shoulders and decollete suddenly contain large openings and slashes and appear to be falling off. (Note the "cold-shoulder" tops that showed up last year.)

And it gets worse.

All the spring runways paraded much more.

Crazy patterns and pieces that appear to be mistakenly sewn together.

Classic, structured button-down shirts buttoned diagonally and haphazardly.

Strange pairings of clothing that previously only circus clowns were seen wearing.

Panels of see-through lace and netting in extremely awkward places.

Dresses with padding and pieces jutting out of who-knows-where.

I'm sure you get the picture now. This is a whole new take on "anything goes today". Will you dare wear this latest of trends that are completely topsy turvy and outside the box?

In this age of Kardashian "break the internet" shockers I say, why the hell not?!

Bliss and Bling Blog: Deconstruction Fashion

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