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Body Confidence

As women, we are constantly bombarded with visual representations of "perfect" figures and "flawless" complexions. Girls are targeted and conditioned to believe they need "Botox" and "Anti-Aging" skincare regimens at ridiculously young ages. Of course, it's good practice to begin protecting skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays while you're young, however the current social media hype has moved beyond the safety factor towards unrealistic and unhealthy perfectionism.

It is difficult enough being female without all this social pressure. Working, raising children, and maintaining a household is enough of a burden for the adults, and dealing with the hormonal ups and downs of the teen years certainly doesn't warrant the added pressure of striving for "flawlessness".

As a Style Coach I frequently hear women complain about their bodies. All the hype about striving to be one of the "beautiful people" like the Kardashians often culminates in a general dissatisfaction with one or more body parts that just don't "rate". It's no wonder a healthy self acceptance is far from what it should be today!

There are some things women can and should do to become more accepting of their bodies and increase their overall happiness in the process. They involve going within and healing the negative self-talk that continually leaves them feeling less than adequate.

1. Visualize. Visualization is a powerful technique used by meditation practitioners to bring about a different reality than presently exists for an individual. They believe very strongly that "you are what you think", therefore to experience a more positive result, you need to visualize a more loving and accepting environment for yourself. Take some time every day to create this environment. Visualize a world where no expectations exist. Where no one has to look a certain way, or be a certain height or weight. Individuality and uniqueness is the norm. Feel how freeing this is for you. Eventually the weight of all your self expectations will lift and you will be able to project yourself more confidently every day.

2. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk. All the negative self-talk we bombard ourselves with is a direct result of the visual representations I mentioned above. The celebrity rags and fashion magazines of beautiful women with perfect figures that make us all feel inferior and lead us to tell ourselves we're not good enough. The reality is these women are starving themselves and spending ridiculous amounts of money on reconstructive surgery to obtain their looks. It's what they have to do to stay employed in a superficial industry that is both harmful and completely unnatural. Don't beat yourself up for looking the way you do. Focus instead on your positive attributes and love yourself for all that you are.

3. Change Your Posture. Natural health practitioners will tell you that poor posture can affect the way you feel about yourself, inciting feelings of lethargy and even depression. You can actually lift your spirits simply by straightening your spine, sitting upright, or walking with your head held high. Your figure is also more flattering when you pull your shoulders up and back, making you appear more confident to others. This alone can help you to feel a whole lot better!

4. Don't Compare Yourself To Others. Our bodies are complex machines. Each one completely unique. They function according to our parent's genes, our environments, and our diets. Each body has different requirements in order to stay healthy. Comparing your body to someone else's is quite simply, ridiculous. You know what your body is capable of. You know what it just can't do. Change what you can, accept what you can't, and love it for the miracle it is.

Bliss and Bling Blog: Body Confidence

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