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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

There has been so much talk in recent years about the "Law of Attraction" that many entrepreneurs have hijacked the concept and devised their own take on it in the interests of making money. It began with Rhonda Byrne's book, "The Secret" and grew exponentially from there to the point where every time you log into a social media site at least ten different positive thinking gurus pop in to sell you their wares. From ancient spiritual talismans and crystals to books and courses everyone and their spirit animal proclaims to be an "expert" in this field.

My opinion? Save your money because this isn't rocket science and anyone can do it.

I have read several of Rhonda's books and enjoyed every one of them, and truly she has helped a lot of people turn their lives around. It's the copycats I have a problem with.

I have read a great number self-help books over the years, such as Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" and Wayne Dyer's "Your Erroneous Zones". I have studied psychology and attended courses in Transactional Analysis, and though they all offer valid theories and guidance for achieving success in one's life, the underlying concept in every one of them is simple. It's all about how you feel.

That's it.

Set your crystals and talismans aside for a moment. Rethink that course and put those audio tapes on pause. You see, you really don't need them. You just need to believe in yourself. And feel good.

Everything begins inside of you where your emotions are held. Your emotions determine your actions. If you feel good about yourself your actions will coincide with that. You will make choices that reflect your positive self-worth. You will be confident and believe you can overcome any challenge. You will instinctively radiate positive vibes and attract more of them. Like attracts like. More happy, positive relationships. More positive situations. More positive things, including money if you have good feelings about it.

One thing you have probably heard often is that you bring about whatever you focus on. Whatever you spend most of your time thinking about is going to end up materializing as your experience. Whether you believe it or not it only makes sense because that is your here and now. That is your moda operandi. Everything else will be tuned out. This is why spiritually intelligent people say "the Universe always says yes". If you consistently feel poor and focus on poverty, then yes, you will be poor. If you consistently feel happy and content and successful, this will be your experience. This will be your result. This is the "Law of the Universe".

Universal Law says whatever you send out you get back. A boomerang is a perfect example of this. You throw it out and it comes right back to you. The same is true of your thoughts. Thoughts are fueled by energy, either positive or negative. The same energy that sends that boomerang out and back again sends your thoughts out and back again, in exactly the same form. The question then, is simple. Why would you send out anything negative if you don't want the result to be negative?

This is all there is to it. Send out what you want to get back, regardless of what it is. If you want a positive happy relationship, feel positive and happy within yourself and behave as if you're already experiencing that relationship. If you want to work in an environment where everyone is valued and respected, feel that same value for everyone around you and treat others respectfully. If you want to be wealthy and successful, feel like you already have more than enough and more than enough will come to you. Remember that boomerang? Send it out there with the feeling you've already got all that wealth and success and this will be your experience.

You see, it really isn't rocket science. It's the Law of the Universe and we all can experience it by feeling good about ourselves and radiating those feelings outwards.

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