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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

It's the latest fashion trend, originally coined by TikTok influencer Lex Nicoleta. She is doing it and so can you! The Coastal Grandmother trend is inspired by the Hampton's on Long Island, from the nautical-inspired interiors of the homes, to the sun, sand, and sea surrounding them. You can inject the entire Hampton's vibe into your summer wardrobe easily just by adding a few key colours and clothing items.

The best way to describe the vibe as it relates to fashion is easy breezy with a touch of class. The outfits have a classic undertone; nothing too promiscuous or dramatic. The Hampton's coastal lifestyle and "old-money" wealth lends itself to it's grandmotherly, calming aesthetic. The lifestyle is carefree, the interior design timeless. You've seen it in a dozen movies. You've noticed the clothing worn over and over by celebrities like Diane Keaton, Martha Stewart, Meryl Streep, and Reese Witherspoon. For them it's not a passing trend. It's their personal preference on their off-days.

If you would like to adopt this trend for the upcoming summer season, or even a future lifestyle, you will need to shop specific retailers and choose certain colour schemes to make it work. The colours are easy to find because they are predominantly neutral, like the colours you see near the sea. Sand, tan, beige and cream, and the various blue shades of the ocean. These colours are key. You can also wear pastels such as soft corals, pinks and pale yellows. Soft greens or khaki's work too. These shades are all calming by their very nature.

The fabric you choose is an important aspect of the trend. Linen is paramount. Natural fabrics are ideal. Organic cottons and bamboo are great examples. Chambray works too. Choose wicker or crochet for your handbags and totes. Designated beach bags, of course, are a must!

To get the "grandmother" look going make sure you choose oversized, roomy clothing. This trend is not about showing off your figure! Think oversized button-down shirts, wide-leg linen pants with elasticized paper-bag waists, mid-length full boho-style skirts, and thick cable-knit cardigans and pullovers. Wear loafers or deck shoes like Sperry's, or anything constructed from canvas. You'll need a bucket hat to complete the look. (You won't find Diane Keaton on a beach without hers!)

To find the perfect clothing to create your Coastal Grandmother capsule wardrobe, you will need to search out retailers that carry classic, casual clothing lines. Some noteworthy ones are Talbot's, Anthropologie, Simon's and Everlane. For more budget-friendly options look to Coldwater Creek, GAP, and J. Crew. Some of the most popular brands known for offering carefree clothing styles are Free People, Madewell and Eileen Fisher. Better department stores, boutiques, and consignment stores will carry these brands, or you can get them online.

The women from the southern coastal regions of the United States aced the Coastal Grandmother trend ages ago. Look to them for inspiration in making it your own. The effortless, comfortable but put-together aesthetic of this trend is one that people of all ages can pull off. You won't have to worry about being "age-appropriate" with this one. This trend, in my opinion, is a win-win!

To see a complete photo collage of this trend, head over to my Pinterest account, Bliss & Bling Life & Style under board Bliss & Bling: The Coastal Grandmother Trend.

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